Let's Hear it for the Boys

The university I currently attend, FIU, has really grown a lot over the last few years. Founded in 1965, it is not anywhere near as old as many of the other colleges around the United States, but because of the rapid growth the campus is constantly in construction, blocking many sidewalks and making routes to classes longer. When so much is blocked, the alternate routes make running into someone very likely. It is important to always look your best no matter what because the people you may run into may be professors, important faculty,friends and maybe even a College Fashionista Style Guru!

I found this week’s Fashionisto on the alternate route. I was walking and looking down at my Instagram feed when I saw brown loafers pass by. Comfortable and stylish? I instantly jumped at the opportunity to make him this week’s Fashionisto.

Maybe it wasn’t just his shoes that made me want to snap a picture, but also his outfit as a whole.  It is very casual and easy to put together. He is a soccer player for FIU, so to him it is essential to not waste a minute between school work and practice. He says that he dresses like this often. I like that his dress shirt isn’t just a basic solid color, the checkered pattern really adds a nice burst of color. Khaki pants are perhaps one of the most basic necessities in a closet besides just jeans.They just add a burst of color that is subtle enough to not be too colorful. Lastly, the classic Rolex. I can’t think of any watch brand that can ever be more in style than a Rolex. Their watches are sometimes passed down from generation to generation because of the quality and value of the watch.

Hint: This Fashionisto’s shirt is spectacular, however, you can always alternate it for one that is less costly. I found a dress shirt from H&M that is less than half the price of his Ralph Lauren one. Also his watch can be substituted for a cheaper one such as this watch I found at JCPenney. Both of these alternatives can help you save some money while still looking on point.


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