Let's Hear it for the Boys

Dressing up in college can always seem a little uncomfortable. You have to walk around in your nice adult clothes all day with your backpack from high school slung on your back. Not to mention that sitting in class with business attire makes you long to wear sweatpants the next given chance you get.

This Fashionisto combined both comfort and sharpness to create an outfit that professors and students around can respect.

Visually, our eyes do not look from bottom to top, but with this outfit, I couldn’t help but look at this Fashionisto’s well-picked duo-toned leather shoes. Normally leather shoes are enough to spice up a getup, but the two-toned leather really brought another level to the ensemble by putting more detail into the lower portion.

The jeans were a great pair of dark wash denim, a simple way to look put together without wearing slacks. Dark wash denim can make an outfit look classically paired. What brought a little funk to this Fashionisto’s denim was the rolled up cuff at the bottom. A very retro addition that adds a little bit of detail to the outfit, the rolled pant leg gave more attention to the shoes that are the focal point of the ensemble.

The navy checkered shirt added neutrality to the outfit, almost matching the jeans in the dark colors. That color combination brought attention to shoes down below, making them pop. Button-ups are always a smart choice for any type of presentation or casual interview, because they can either be worn normally, or with the sleeves rolled up to bring a casual vibe to the conversation.

Lastly and certainly not least, this Fashionisto completed his look with a great leather messenger bag. Upgrading your tired backpack to a messenger bag is an awesome way to show a little style and look more professional. They are fashionable and still space efficient. Though leather can be a little expensive, investing in a good leather piece will last you a lifetime. Leather lives on my friends.

Looking classy isn’t impossible on a campus. It may take a little creativity, but when you get something right, it’s like hitting the jackpot. We all now what when we look great, we feel great. An outfit can be the difference between an A+ or a job. Putting forth the effort will always show you went that extra mile.

Hint: Make sure if you get a leather piece, whether shoes or bag, that you weather proof them with a spray or an oil! It makes the quality of your leather last so much longer.


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