LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Shakin’ In Your Boots

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Since it seems like this wintry weather will be sticking with us for awhile, it is best to protect yourself from the slick icy conditions. Boots are a great way to make sure your body and the ground do not meet by slipping and falling. This Fashionisto is sporting a nice pair of simple brown booties adorned with a gold buckle that will leave the ice shaking in ITS boots. These boots add a tough vibe to an otherwise minimalistic yet stylish outfit. You can find a similar pair of boots at Nordstrom or, for a cheaper, but still amazing alternative, DSW.

Some people believe that mixing brown and black is a fashion faux pas but clearly this Fashionisto proves that to be wrong! Adding the brown boots to an all black outfit allows for there to be a pop of color but still keeping it in the neutral color family. He wears a pair of classic dark-washed jeans that are strategically cuffed above the top of the boots. They are the stars of the show and they must be seen! Underneath a necessary black wool coat this Fashionisto continues to express his simple fashion with a gray crewneck T-shirt that can be found here.

As a final touch he sports a gray scarf draped over his shoulders, allowing it to slightly peek out from behind his coat. Would you believe that this Fashionisto said that he rolled out of bed and threw this on? I sure can’t. This Fashionisto knows how to make simple and on-the-go look fashionable. With the help of the boots he is ready to take on the ice.

Hint: Make this look even more of a classic by adding a plain or bold patterned newsboy hat like the ones here. They are a trendy, quirky way to give an outfit character and combined with the old-fashioned boots you can be sure that everyone would “extra, extra SEE all about it!”


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