Let's Hear it for the Boys

As saddening as the dim winter weather can be, it’s often the best inspiration for a winter look. Winter is the one season where playing with shades of black and gray seems appropriate rather than depressing. That said, it can be hard to make yourself stand out in shades of gray in this sad weather. Yet on a dark winter day this week, I noticed today’s Fashionisto doing exactly that.

His effortless combination of these dark colours made him stand out even in the already gray weather. My first question was obviously the origin of his name, Mihnea (Transylvania for all those curious), followed by how he would describe his look — he was at a loss for words. Like any great Fashionisto, his effortlessness was genuine. As a sociology and history student at the University of Toronto, he is more than likely too busy to have time to stress about what to wear.

When I ask him what his favourite piece was, he laughed as he said, “The shirt probably. My girlfriend bought if for me from H&M.” As an avid H&M shopper myself, I also noticed his gray hoodie was from the same place.

This Fashionisto pairs this look with a black and white striped scarf and a gray beanie. The beanie is another essential in any winter wardrobe. It keeps you warm, looks edgy and is flattering on almost everyone. The striped scarf gives a nod to the black and white dress shirt, but the mixture of patterns keeps the look fresh. He finishes the look with a black bomber jacket and the ever-important X-Large Tim Horton’s coffee.

Today’s Fashionisto keeps his secondary pieces neutral. I love how the blue jeans and brown boots blend in with the black and gray, while also helping to tie in his blue-gray Herschel backpack. The backpack is another gift from his girlfriend, and he doesn’t seem to realize how on trend it is. Though he admits to following Men’s Fashion on Reddit, it seems his Fashionista girlfriend is another great source for his fashion know-how.

Regardless of where he gets his style tips, today’s Fashionisto puts them to good use, as seen in his many shades of gray in this look.

Hint: When wearing many colours in the same shade, try playing with pattern and texture. Try things like a black leather jacket and a black wool scarf, a denim shirt and blue jacket or even stripes with plaid in the same colour family.


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