Let's Hear it for the Boys

There’s just something about this Fashionisto’s look that I just couldn’t keep my eye off of. I’m not sure whether it was his ability to layer, his monochromatic style or just the way he tied it all together. Either way, this Fashionisto was able to take the simplest outfit and minimized his accessories to complete this very fashionable look.

My personal favorite piece of this outfit is our Fashionisto’s sweater. He stuck to basics in a solid gray V-neck sweater which allowed for a lot of versatility in the rest of his outfit. He chose to layer this sweater on top of a fantastic blue and white checkered button-down. Again, this Fashionisto chose a piece for his wardrobe that has a high level of versatility that can be worn with many different outfits. This quality is extremely important for a man’s wardrobe to have; being able to not own a ton of clothing yet always having a different look to wear is essential.

Our Fashionisto then wears a pair of dark gray khaki pants. These pants are suitable for multiple different outfits and occasions seeing that they can easily be dressed up or dressed down. He finishes off the outfit with a pair of slip-on loafers shoes in brown. A pair of shoes like these are a great addition to any wardrobe because they are not only fashionable but they also won’t kill your feet after a busy day on campus.

Hint: This Fashionisto knew just what to wear to adhere style to comfort on campus and that alone was a quality that I was thrilled to see. People often overlook the fact that you can find comfort within your own style, but if you’re wearing what makes you feel comfortable then it will feel like you’re wearing sweats on campus all the time!


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