LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Second Time Around

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Funny story about this Fashionisto, I came across him on a day that I was on a hurry to class (and by in a hurry, I mean running like a race horse out of the gates at a Kentucky Derby!). I noticed his punk rock style and was devastated when I saw him moving to class just as fast as I was. I needed this guy’s unique style featured in my column and I was determined to do so. After class it was as if the stars had aligned and I ended up directly behind him as I was leaving class…this was my chance!

I started my CollegeFashionista spiel and to my surprise, he told me he had been featured by another USF Style Guru in the fall 2013 semester. I couldn’t help but think how stylish this guy must be if he’s been spotted by two Style Gurus!

On a gloomy day like this, it was tough finding students who could pull off that chic rainy day look.To start, this Fashionisto wore a plain black button-down with casual black pants. To jazz up this monochrome look he is sporting a denim patchwork jacket, perfect for the breezes. The detailing on this jacket tells me so much about him, which is what fashion is about. I’ve come to find out that combat boots are the go-to rain shoes, especially for people like myself who try to stay away from the bulkiness of rain boots. I love the maroon color of his, it brings out color accents in the jacket that otherwise may not have been noticeable with a black boot.

Hint: If you’re looking for denim jacket to match your personality but can’t find it anywhere in store make it a DIY project, there’s nothing like having a customized piece in your closet. Check out this YouTube video that’ll give you the right steps to creating the denim jacket of your dreams.


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