Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s that time of year in south Texas again — Fashionistas and Fashionistos are reaching in their closet for lightweight garments in place of their winter coats. As enjoyable as it may have been to layer these past several weeks, true Fashionistas/os will certainly have no difficulty adjusting to the warm temperatures that bombard us year round.

With the month of February springing into action, the use of bulky outerwear is no longer necessary. Single layered outfits are once again filling the classrooms, hallways and sidewalks. This week’s Fashionisto proved that the styling of the most common garments in a man’s closet can easily help you stand out of the crowd without relying on winter layers.

Showcasing his personal style without the use of an obnoxious logo, this Fashionisto turned to the style and potential that each garment embodied. A classic oxford button-down shirt, pair of jeans and brogue boots are the timeless essentials that produce this outfit. The finishing touches, including a scarf and messenger bag, add a perfectly mismatch pattern combination without being too distracting. Take a note from this Fashionisto — the airy scarf he incorporated into his outfit is the ideal example of how to pull off the look as we transition between seasons.

Hint: Whether it’s 50 degrees or 70, a scarf is always a fun way to play around with prints and add that pop of color to your outfit. These affordable options, both classic and masculine, will make you think twice before heading out the door with a bare neck!


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