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The weather in Texas just can’t seem to make up its mind. Today it is drizzling ice, but earlier this week, the sun was still shining. Today’s Fashionisto looks great while adding a layer of warmth (albeit a thin one) in a vest. This Fashionisto picked out an outfit for less severe weather, but there is a style lesson here that can be applied in situations ranging from nippy to outright freezing.

vest is a garment that has different meanings around the world. Most commonly, a vest is considered a sleeveless under-jacket (although vest styles are now commonly worn as an outer-most layer) that covers the upper body. Whether you don a formal one as part of a three-piece suit, a fringed one for some southwest flair, a leather one to add edge or a puffer-style for a ski trip, a vest can really make your outfit. Vests excel as a means of breaking a look up. Any garment you layer can serve as a tool to mix colors, patterns and textures. A vest, however, does it in a really unique way that allows your first layer to still show. The resulting effect is visually cohesive. This look is popular right now. It can be achieved, not only achieved with a vest, but also in a different form. You have probably seen a lot of mixed media jackets online and in stores, such as this or this. Options for males include this or this from Forever 21.

Vests are generally valued for their utility, whether protecting from bullets, climate or any other extremities. Vests boast other perks, such as less constriction on one’s arms and increasing mobility. Sometimes vests are just a clever way to add some pockets. Other times, vests can add a punch of color when the splash provided by a tie or scarf just isn’t enough. To further illustrate this point, use your imagination to delete the gray vest from this Fashionisto’s outfit. The remaining outfit of a gingham button-down with solid, neutral slacks is still good, but the look is a modicum less interesting. Not to mention, the Fashionisto in this situation is a few degrees colder. Check out how to recreate this look with eBay here.

Hint: Certain vests really look best suited for winter, while other styles of vests are easier to pull off year-round. Examples are a vest in classic black leather or a denim vest. Challenge yourself to find a warm way to wear a thinner vest now for a look that is unique. Try a lighter vest over a cable knit sweater or graphic sweatshirt.

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