LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Sandals in the Sun

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Finals week is finally over and done with and suddenly everyone is packing up their bags, ready to go home. As the new summer season approaches, college boys and their fashion sense turns into T-shirts and shorts. But while most boys opt for sneakers, our Fashionisto chooses to rock the sandals and go for the open toed shoes trend that has recently become popular.

Our Fashionisto is sporting a Ralph Lauren lilac purple polo, “It’s Ralph though!” Have you heard the saying, “It ain’t Ralph though!” cause that has also been a recent trend. Though Ralph Lauren is a popular brand in the fashion world currently, it can get a little pricey. Try visiting an H&M and getting a light colored polo like this one for a better price. He pairs his outfit with some navy shorts that complement the polo really well.

This Fashionisto has followed the sandals trend and has chosen some fun patterned flip-flops from Vineyard Vines that scream, “I’m ready for summer!” The sandals really tie the whole outfit together with the contrasting colors and different patterns on the straps. A Fashionisto isn’t a Fashionisto without a watch on his arm, am I right? The leather banded watch adds a personal touch to our Fashionisto’s whole ensemble.

Hint: The light lilac polo and the dark navy shorts create a really aesthetically pleasing look and a great contrast for this summer season. Try out this trend and even pair it with some fun flip flops like our Fashionisto this week. You won’t even be able to mess it up if you at least just try!


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