LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Rolling Out Of Bed And Looking Fly

Let's Hear it for the Boys

If I could pick one sound in the whole entire world that I hate the most it would be the sound of my alarm clock going off at seven a.m. waking me from my slumber. The constant “beep, beep, beep” is the true definition of annoying and inconvenience. I think all college students would second me on this rant. Three-quarters of the time when I wake up all I want to do (besides hit snooze) is roll out of bed and stumble to class in my sweats. However, a true Fashionista/o knows that this is highly unacceptable. But ladies and gents, there is a revolutionary way to go to class in sweats. I like to call it the effortlessly chic sweats look.

It is actually quite an easy look to pull off. Here are the key components: a loose fitting pair of jersey pants, a cool sweater (yes, sweater, not sweatshirt) and a pair of rocking sneakers. I have had the idea of the effortlessly chic sweat look in my mind for months now, but have failed to see anyone fully execute the look. Most Fashionistos fell just short of one of my fundamental criteria, until I saw this guy. He is the living, breathing version of the trendy sweatpants look. He kept the basic colors of neutral. He wore a classic pair of black jersey sweats with a navy stripe running down the leg and combined it with a navy and black patterned sweater. For a bold pop of color he opted for a pair of hot red high top sneakers. This Fashionisto also chose a fun wooden beaded bracelet for an extra accessory. This outfit really just screams, “I just rolled out of bed and look totally fab.”

Hint: If you want to dominate this look make sure you stick with cotton pieces. They are the most comfortable. Be sure you don’t forget a fun pop of color!


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