LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Rocking Rebellious Flair

Let's Hear it for the Boys

There has yet to be a color deemed more versatile than black. Black goes with just about any ensemble you choose to put together. Black can look chic and classic, edgy, basic or even luxurious. Some people may think that the color black does not flatter them compared to bright pops of color, but any color can be flattering in moderation. On the other hand, there are many people who only turn to black ensembles, as to keep their style classic and fuss-free. This Fashionisto shows his edgy side by pairing black with denim, a go-to combination when looking to give your style a rebellious flair. Leather is a great material for jackets during these winter days. Not only is leather currently trending, but it also adds to the rebellious vibe that this Fashionisto’s outfit gives off.

When trudging through the snow, the shoes to choose are boots. A good pair of boots have the ability to complement your outfit while keeping you warm during the brutal winter weather.

Denim is also a winter staple. The durability of denim will wear well throughout all of those chilly walks to class.  Denim has the ability to adapt your outfit to your desired vibe. A light wash pair of jeans can give off a completely different feeling than a pair of dark wash jeans. This Fashionisto chose to pair his look with skinny fit dark wash denim. He rounds out his outfit with a graphic T-shirt that completes the edgy look he is aiming for. By throwing on a simple black cross-body messenger bag, he is ready to conquer his day with confidence.

Hint: Men, if you want to enhance your “bad boy” appearance, don’t be afraid to try a ripped or distressed pair of denim in place of solid washes.


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