Let's Hear it for the Boys

I met this Fashionisto on the sunny afternoon of Valentine’s Day. He was accompanied by his pretty date. Stopping a couple is always awkward, especially when you only asking the boy for photo shoot. But I knew I have to stop him. He had the best Valentine’s Day look.

For fellow Fashionistos, dressing in a sleek way all the time, not only at Valentine’s Day, is not a bad idea. Some signature gears are on the top list, like biker jacket.

This Fashionisto rocked himself in the cool biker jacket. The classic cut brought out the rock ‘n’ roll spirit. But the fine and soft leather texture created a contemporary sleek vibe.

For this Fashionisto, chic was not enough. Cool and masculine chic is the ultimate goal. Biker jacket is the best solution. A fitted biker jacket makes you look ten times cooler. Flashing back to 1960s, Elvis Presley’s motorcycle look caught millions of girls’ hearts. A biker jacket is the oldest trick in the book. But putting it on is still an instant rejuvenation. No extra layers and accessories, this Fashionisto rocked himself in a simple, but sophisticated way.

Dressing in black from head to toe, he made us believe ‘black is the new black’. Different textures mixing up is the key to survive in a monochrome look.

A little accessory added him a touch of romance. It is hard to say ‘no’ to a cool guy with a delicate hot red rose!

Hint: A fitted and classic biker jacket is a timelessness trend. For accessories, if roses are not good for you, a pair of cool sunglasses will satisfy you. You will look shiny and finished in these gold rimmed sunglasses.


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