Let's Hear it for the Boys

With spring in full force and crystal blue cloudless skies filling our weeks there is no better time to blow off some post exam stress then hitting up the local golf course. Here in the south, summer is to football as spring is to golf, and surprisingly the small town of College Station is home to some of the best golf courses in Texas. Dressing appropriately for the course is almost as important as mastering the perfect backswing, and this Fashionisto is right on par with this sporty look fit for any course.

With a style suitable for the Masters Tour, this Fashionisto begins his look with a blue and white striped PGA tour polo shirt. Remember, when golfing pick a polo that incorporates a dry fit fabric. This made for sport fabric will keep sweat off and help any golfing pro stay cool. Next he pairs his polo with a pleated khaki pant. A pleated pant like the one featured on this Fashionisto is my favorite for golfing, because it gives even the most comfortable khaki pant a professional look.

Besides sporting a killer golf bag I would suggest keeping accessories to a bare minimum like this Fashionisto, to maintain that sporty yet professional look. A tucked in shirt is an unwritten and sometimes written rule on any golf course, so a belt is a must. This Fashionisto goes with a classic brown Ralph Lauren belt to complement his tucked polo. Deciding to keep his golf shoes for green only, this Fashionisto wears a classic brown dress shoe. Although I would not recommend these shoes for course wear, you can get a similar look to those worn above by wearing these Cole Haan brown wingtip shoes. You may not be the next Bubba Watson or Adam Scott but the addition of these simple elements can change any golfer into a true master.

Hint: No time between class and the course? Wear your dry fit polo in the classroom, it will keep you from wasting precious course time to change and help you remain sweat free in stuffy classes.


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