Let's Hear it for the Boys

Spring break is over and now the assignments, exams and projects are once again starting while the semester is quickly coming to an end. Nonetheless fashion has no breaks ever, and it keeps going on and on, and with it come some interesting new fun trends.

This week’s Fashionisto’s ensemble included a patterned gray T-shirt with black tribal prints matched with some black waxed looking jeans. This specific ensemble is great for a busy long day at school. One thing to mention however is that the trend itself of tribal is currently shifting into something greater and exciting.

PacSun among other retailers have these collections that feature a cool new rad retro look. Specifically brands like Modern Amusement have definitely caught my eye with their patterns. Including this recent rise of the jogger pants. If you haven’t heard about it then you should definitely look into it. I feel its a rise of the retro hip ensemble staples from back in the day that even remind me of something you’d find in shows like The Carrie Diaries. The patterns pretty much consist of bight colors and involve patterns with palm trees or geometric shapes. The whole vibe you get is a vintage old school feeling and it honestly looks great. You too can rock the new trend be it the tribal trend or the retro type where it’s starting to head towards.

Hint: Invest into new pieces for this coming time of the year, here in Texas the weather usually allows us to wear shorts most of the time, but look into purchasing things for this season. More shorts, more muscle shirts (even if you don’t have much muscle). And till the heat comes in at full force, take advantage of the chilly fresh days to give the new sweaters one last warm feeling.


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