LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Resisting the Rules

Let's Hear it for the Boys

There are countless rules of fashion that I was taught growing up: don’t wear white after Labor Day, don’t mix prints or patterns. There are also fashion rules that you might make up for yourself along the way, such as I don’t wear yellow because I’m a blonde. These days, you’ll see fashion rule breakers all over and they are praised for their rebellion. This Fashionisto is breaking one of the rules that was always drilled into my brain: don’t wear black and brown together, and he is doing it fantastically.

After browsing some fashion blogs and forums of people questioning the pairing of black and brown, there seems to be a pretty solid consensus: black and brown go well together! Who knows where the rule came from, but it’s pretty much being kicked to the curb. This article is particularly helpful in providing black and brown outfit guidelines.

As far as this Fashionisto’s outfit goes, he is pairing a black shirt and shoes with darker tan pants. The look is chic, polished and professional. This outfit could make anyone question the validity of the no black and brown rule. I personally love the look of a dress shirt paired with a casual pant. Kohl’s and Macy’s offer black dress shirts like this Fashionisto is sporting along with many other colors for a great price. For pants, you could go with a cargo style like this Fashionisto or a corduroy if you’re looking to add a little texture into the mix. Whether it’s black on top and brown on the bottom, vice versa or some other combination, there is no doubt that it’s a must try look.

So it’s time to start breaking the rules. Go out and try black and tan, dark brown, light brown, whatever your preference. Experiment! See what works for you and push that anti black and brown mindset away.

Hint: Rules are made for a reason (something your parents undoubtedly told you over and over) but that isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to fashion. Here’s a list of fashion don’ts that should probably become fashion do’s.


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