LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Refresh The Classic

Let's Hear it for the Boys

This is the last week of April. It seems that it’s the last chance to wear some of your favorite spring wardrobes. Naming three of your must-have spring essentials, what show up on the top of your mind? Mine’s are ballet flats, printed blouses and trench coats. You may say I’m kind of old school. But trends come and go; only the most coveted and classic one stays, such as trench coat. It always remains as a closet cornerstone and feels so current.

The British fashion house, Burberry, reforms their iconic trench coat every season. For fellow college kids with tight budget, you need to know how to play tricks with one classic piece.

This Fashionisto sets a great example. His trench coat look is not the commonly seen one, but it is a fab everyday go-to look. I can even feel the fresh spring breezy vibe from him. He opts to a minimalism one in the signature beige color. Compared to a traditional double-breast trench coat, this one is better for a sunny and bright spring day. The clean and simple design helps him get rid of the heavy gloomy feel of winter.

Simply layering a T-shirt under the coat, he looks effortlessly chic. The white T-shirt works great with the beige trench coat. The casual garment offers the semi-formal coat a laid-back touch. You can also try a graphic T-shirt. The fun and eye-catching pattern will add you a street-boy vibe.

Hint: To imitate his look, you definitely should invest a fab trench coat. A clean-cut one like he has will refine your spring staple look. Getting decked out with a pair of fitted light wash jeans, you will look finished.


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