Let's Hear it for the Boys

During weeks that begin with below-freezing temperatures and rise to the sixties by mid-week, it’s hard to plan a wardrobe. Lately, the wind chill has made the temperature feel even colder than it really is. This Fashionisto is battling the cold and the wind with a knit cap and a Carhartt jacket.

Knit caps, more commonly known as beanies, are a winter accessory that has become quite popular with guys and girls alike. I’ve always been told that your head is one of the places through which the most heat escapes. While there are studies that disprove that theory and it’s probably just something that is told to make kids wear hats, I certainly feel like I’m keeping myself warmer if I have one on. A simple beanie is a good way to keep your head and your ears warm in the winter. Zumiez has a wide variety of beanies in different colors and patterns. Tilly’s also has a good selection — some fold up at the bottom and some have puff balls on top if you’re looking for even more beanie excitement. You could choose a simple color, like this Fashionisto, which will go with everything; or, you could pick a pattern or bright color and make a beanie the focus of your outfit.

Carhartt might not be a brand that people from the city are familiar with.  I know it because I’m from a town where there are a lot of farms and Carhartt is the choice jacket for farmers who working in the cold weather.  Carhartt has jackets, sweatshirts, and more, all of which are nice and warm for winter. This Fashionisto has a fleece-lined Carhartt hoodie on, similar to this hoodie from Macy’s.  Carhartt even offers a selection of beanies and other winter headgear.

We’ve still got quite a while left of this unpredictable weather, so buying a good quality winter coat is justifiable, even though some days it seems that spring is right around the corner.

Hint: Beanies fit perfectly in a coat pocket or a book bag, and so are easily transportable; yet another reason they’re a must have!


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