Let's Hear it for the Boys

Until college, rainy days make it a little more difficult to get out of bed. They require you to figure out a way to make it to the bus or the car without ruining your hair, and they may make it hard to keep your eyes open in class. When you’re a college student, the rain affects you in a new way. You spend much more time in the rain than you previously had to. You no longer have the privilege of spending only five seconds in the rain while you run from your house to your car and then once more from the car to the school doors. In college, you have to walk around in the rain from class to class all day and your rain gear becomes the most essential items in your wardrobe.

This Fashionisto was prepared for the rainy day, but he didn’t allow the less-than-desirable weather to hinder his style. He is ready to take on the rain with his preppy navy blue and white rain jacket. He certainly didn’t succumb to wearing comfy sweats just because of the lousy weather. He is wearing a plain gray V-neck shirt underneath his trendy rain jacket. He pairs his neutral gray shirt with a pair of khaki chino pants. This quirky and cool Fashionisto had to make sure his outfit didn’t distract from his bold and eye-catching two-toned hairstyle but he made sure to add a little pop of excitement to his look with the bright blue accent at the cuff of his otherwise classic pants. This Fashionisto is both on-trend and practical. By cuffing his pants, he is making sure that they stay away from the watery mess on the ground created by the constant flow of rain while still making a bold fashion statement. He allows the repetition of the blue in his jacket and in his pant cuffs to be the focal points of his look by pairing his ensemble with a simple pair of chestnut oxford shoes. While oxford shoes may not have been the best choice for a day of stomping through puddles, this Fashionisto owned his rainy day look and definitely stood out in the crowd of sweatpants and sneakers.

True Fashionistas/os never allow the weather to deter their style and this Fashionisto is no exception. Even though he is clad in shades of blue and neutral tones, he definitely does not have the rainy day blues!

Hint: When shopping for your school wardrobe, make sure to put the rain gear basics on your list. Don’t forget to pick up a stylish raincoat, umbrella and, most importantly, a pair of trendy rain boots so that you can splash through the puddles in style!


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