Let's Hear it for the Boys

I don’t know about you, but this winter has felt especially cold, even down here in Georgia where its never supposed to drop below 65 degrees. But what can you do except bundle up by throwing on more layers. Corduroy is a great fabric to have into your wardrobe because it adds extra comfort and warmth during these chilly winter months. Whether it be a jacket or a pair of pants, corduroy provides a timeless, yet edgy look. Many think that corduroy was created by Gap in the myriad of colors we remember wearing as kids, but in reality, it is a descendent of the 2000-year-old Egyptian fabric known as fustian.

This Fashionisto is sporting classic brown cords like these from L.L. Bean. Paired with some Clark’s Wallabees and a button down flannel shirt, you have the perfect winter outfit for any day. Tuck in the shirt and add a belt to dress it up for the evening. Aside from pants, corduroy shirts and jackets can pull a look together as well. As long as you don’t wear all three of them together, you can pretty much get away with wearing each piece with anything. Another great thing about corduroy is the rainbow of colors that they are available in, ranging from classic tans, grays and blacks to fun oranges and reds. So this winter, Fashionistos, stray from your average jean and adopt a new pair of cords.

Hint: Layering different textures into your outfit not only adds warmth but also complements each texture. Try adding a ribbed shirt or leather jacket to your corduroy ensemble.


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