Let's Hear it for the Boys

Everyone loves their puppies, maybe even as much as their own children. The love and popularity of dogs has become such a trend now. French Bulldogs and Yorkshires, such cute and popular dogs, so tiny you can carry in your arms. I have seen many dog and parent relationships but none as special as this. As I walked the streets of down town Austin, I ran across a local fashion stylist and his dog eating lunch together. I could not help but notice the obvious love they had for each other. The love for his dog was apparent in the outfits of the two.

The dog owner dressed his dog in a Burberry T-shirt, and added that in his look by wearing a Burberry belt and (unfortunately not shown in the photos) a wallet. The leather belt he puts together with brown leather two-toned boots. Summer is right around the corner and the short sleeved shirts worn by both the owner and dog suggests that. The stylist takes a trend of writing on apparel into use by wearing the gray and red  ”OBEY POSSE” shirt. He decided to pair his look with dark washed straight leg pants and cuffs them instead of the usual skinny leg denim we see with boots. He does not quite tie his laces up completely, but leaves them loose and hanging. He has minimal accessories with this look and possesses every aspect of casual in his look.

Hint: If you do not have a dog, use whatever you can, and leave the house with something. Try a skate board or computer and put patches of fabrics or stickers on them. Wear your favorite tee and pair it with earth tone boots, which are easy to wear with anything.


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