LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Printed-Perfection

Let's Hear it for the Boys

One trend that I am afraid of is mixing prints. It is extremely big right now and is being rocked by multiple different people in multiple different ways. From mixing plaids and florals to even different sized polka dots, print mixing is all the rage. Yet, I still haven’t been able to muster up the courage and try it! I even know all the rules: mix prints in similar color schemes, let one be busier than the other and keep your accessories simple. So when I found a Fashionisto that pulled off print mixing by following all of these rules, I was inspired. I now know it is time for me to rock the print trend after a quick chat with him.

When I spotted this week’s Fashionisto, the first thing that caught my eye was his pants. Although they were technically a pair of sweatpants, they came off as much more than that. They were so different: dark gray with a geometric black print. They were baggier up toward the waist, but then more fitted near the bottom of the legs. In other words, they were basically remarkable. Since the pants were a statement on their own, this Fashionisto paired them with a simple black shirt. A black shirt with a twist, that is. It had quarter-length sleeves and the popular baseball style, where the torso is one color and the sleeves contrast. That is where the twist came in. The sleeves were a black bandana print. Different, right? Also very cool when paired with the geometric sweats. It was something you would never expect, but it worked at the same time.

As for shoes, this Fashionisto kept it simple (as he should in this case) with a pair of hiking boots that hit right at the ankle; perfect for tucking in the slim leg of the sweats. He also added a black and gray scarf, not just for warmth, but to tie in his color scheme. Overall, this Fashionisto’s outfit was comfy-cool. Or classy-casual. Or printed-perfection. Well, whatever you call it, it was right on point.

In all, this week’s Fashionisto teaches us to not be afraid when mixing prints. They can be subtle and still make an impact. So in that case, I will be attempting print mixing pronto and I hope you will be too.

Hint: To start on your track to printed-perfection, keep things simple. Look for two printed items in your closet that have similar colors. Grab a pinstriped button-up and a polka dot tie for a different take on your usual dressed up look. Or opt for a marled sweater with your camouflage pants. You can still mix prints without feeling over the top.


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