Let's Hear it for the Boys

Preppy men occasionally overdo it with a myriad of logos and pastels. Although these trends are quite popular with prepsters, it does not mean that sticking with the basics is no longer an option. We all have heard the motto that less is more – and this student has found that his approach to fashion is to keep it simple.

It was a blustery, sunny day when I discovered this Fashioinisto walking out of his apartment complex for his daily Starbucks run. He explained how it was nearly impossible to get his day started without getting dressed in something he could not fall back asleep in (I’m sure the shot of espresso in his cup did not hurt either).  This is why his dark-rinse jeans, white V-neck, stylish sneakers and his black Polo windbreaker were great staples in his closet because each item can be paired with practically anything.

The Polo windbreaker he is wearing is surely not like the one your mother had in the ’80s, or the ones the track team had back in high school. These lightweight jackets have come a long way and are a great choice in the face of those merciless Midwest winds that this winter continues to bring. Make sure you prepare for the windy weather by checking out the several different styles Nordstrom has to offer right now.

What I really liked about this Fashinisto’s outfit were his purple tinted tennis shoes. They are a useful item to have in any man’s closet, but also very unique when compared to your typical everyday shoe. This Fashionisto purchased his shoes from Clae, which he described as, “The best shoe brand there is!” His particular style is the Ellington shoe but explained to me that he owns several different pairs. I took it upon myself to browse the website and I fell in love with the Chambers style which is a great option for this snowy season. Remember Fashionistos, a simple outfit is sometimes the best way to stay modest yet stylish.

Hint: Don’t forget that if your jeans are hiding the greatness of your shoes, a simple cuff or roll is a fast, fashionable fix.


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