Let's Hear it for the Boys

There is nothing better than sporting your favorite pastel colors to accent the growing abundance of colors that bring the spring season to life. With the weather lightening up, we are now able to shed those warm layers, resulting in outfits that are not hidden by a peacoat or winter jackets.

This Fashionisto is keeping his look simple. Instead of creating an outfit with many pieces, he chose to swap the fuss for a simple pop of color. A pop of color can be as soft or as loud as desired when incorporating it into an outfit. This Fashionisto demonstrates his spring pop of color by wearing a pastel blue button-down. Button-down shirts do not always have to serve as formal wear. As this Fashionisto demonstrates, an oxford button-down shirt can create the ideal casual look. Not to mention, by choosing not to tuck it in, he is able to maintain a casual look while staying comfortable.

Khakis are a great casual pant. By pairing a darker colored khaki pant with a lighter colored pastel shirt, the pale blue of his shirt is accented by the contrasting khaki. By incorporating different color values into an outfit, a basic look can appear to be more diverse. Contrasting the color values in a look can be visually appealing, even if it is a simple top and bottom.

No outfit is ever complete without the appropriate shoes. This Fashionisto chose to accent his khaki pants with a pair of Sperry Top-Siders. What is great about these shoes is that they are  appropriate for many seasons. Classic Sperry Top-Siders can be worn anytime, from the rainy spring days to the scorching summer ones. Nothing is better than keeping a versatile shoe on hand in your wardrobe.

It is clear that our Fashionisto portrays the perfect simple spring ensemble. He demonstrates that pairing the basics can easily lead to a crisp, clean and casual look.

Hint: Men, if a brighter solid pastel shirt is a bit intimidating, try showing your pop of spring color in another way. A simple patterned shirt with a hint of pastel can create a great pop of color into any spring outfit.


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