LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Poppy Matchy-matchy

Let's Hear it for the Boys

We have had too much water recently. Thankfully, this is liquid water (rain) not solid water (snow), which means spring has finally come to The City! Fresh spring rain wakes you up from long frozen winter and relieves you body from heavy monochrome wardrobe. It is the time to refresh your look and try some colors, in a matchy-matchy way.

I always appreciate a guy’s guts of wearing eye-popping colors. After all, not all guys are willing to change. This Fashionisto set a great example of how to get decked out of colors. He started by wearing a colored pants. For those who have no clue of how to wearing colors, trying colored pants is always a safe, but not stiff start. A burgundy or dark wine one like he had is a chic, yet tasty choice. A simply reddish hue energizes your look and heart.

If you are not ready for too many colors, a pair of well-cut khaki pants can polish your spring look. For fellow color adventurers, you can’t miss this opportunity to have some stylish fun. It’s spring already and colors are truly back. They’re taking the fashion world by storm. Crispy mint and creamy baby blue trousers are spring palette’s essentials.

Even though the temperature has warmed, it’s still a little bit chilly before sunrise and after sunset. A light scarf can easily fix the temperature-gap embarrassment. Taking a style cue from this Fashionisto, you can pick a scarf matching your pants’ color. A little matchy-matchy gig moves your look from standard to standout.

Hint: A burgundy scarf plus a crimson pants nailing your first spring look.


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