Let's Hear it for the Boys

Attention Fashionistos, today’s current gentlemen are embracing color like never before! By doing so, they are adding a pop of color to a neutral outfit. This concept will not only brighten up an outfit, but also your mood. While adding a pop of color looks easy, this is not always the case. Adding a pop of color takes skill and knowledge.

In order to add a pop of color correctly, you must follow certain guidelines. For starters, it’s important to pick only one color at a time. As for the rest of your outfit, make sure to only wear neutral and restrained colors. This will not only avoid clashes but also allow the colorful garments make a statement and most importantly, pop. When doing so don’t be afraid to choose a bold piece of clothing such as a pair of trousers, a shirt or even a jacket.

This Fashionisto showed that no man should be afraid of embracing color. He was spotted wearing a gray and blue long sleeved shirt, bright blue chino shorts and patterned sneakers. As for accessories, he remained neutral by wearing a basic brown belt and tortoiseshell glasses. This outfit was successful because of the balance of bright blue and other neutral colors.

Hint: For those who aren’t as brave as this Fashionisto, I advise you to take it slow when it comes to adding a pop of color. The easiest way to incorporate color into your wardrobe is through accessories that most of us use anyway. Try pairing a bold colored tie with a simple black suit or even a bold colored watch with classic jeans and T-shirt.


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