From the Editor, Let's Hear it for the Boys

Print is one of the most dreaded fashion terms for guys out there. To guys, a “daring” print is a stripe, plaid or even, if they are feeling really risky, a polka-dot. Now throw in the idea of a printed pant and the average guy’s head may just explode.

Don’t fret, fellas. As this Fashionisto shows, printed pants can not only be easy to pull off, but can result in a true fashion home run. The key is to start small—as in the size of the pattern. Wearing pants with oversized Ikat or palm-size paisley is hard for anyone to pull off, regardless of gender. This Fashionisto kept the pattern on his pants small, making it less noticeable and over-the-top. The confetti-inspired print, however, still makes a definite impact. It has a playful, fun feel without being too cartoonish. The light gold mixed with the white is a great contrast against the navy background.

He balanced out the print of his pants by keeping the rest of his look more subdued and subtle. His navy henley is a must-have piece for any Fashionisto. It can go with just about anything in your closet and is the perfect layering piece. His navy jacket is also a great piece to neutralize the effect of the printed pant. It complements the colors of the pants quite nicely without being too safe. The puffy, quilted texture has a similar relaxed vibe of the pants as well.

So instead of shrieking in fear the second you hear the word, “print,” follow in the footsteps of this Fashionisto and embrace this trend. This is one fashion choice no one should fear.

Hint: Make sure the silhouette of the pants is more tailored than relaxed. Overly loose-fitting pants will end up making them look less polished and more like PJs.

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