Let's Hear it for the Boys

Summer is around the corner, and there is no summer like a Florida summer! It’s a great transitional period for new beginnings, adventures and fewer layers. Whether you are vacationing or not, it will be hard to ignore the constant sunshine.

While men’s fashion has become more adventurous, we can expect to see a white obsession with key pieces, as well as white on white this summer. This look is casually pieced together and simultaneously sporty. It’s perfect for class and informal meetings.

First things first; introduce white basics into your wardrobe. You can start with a comfy scoop neck like this, and work white bottom pieces in later. He paired his scoop neck with classic 5-pocket style, skinny fit jeans. The dark denim complements those dark green, leather Clarks nicely.

As for his other notable accessories, they are subtle but definitely essential. He’s sporting root beer colored Rean sun-wear, which offers a modern look. This style is better known as Lenox and comes in matte black, brindle and froth color options.

Balancing his entire outfit he is wearing two distinguishable pieces. First, his Timex watch is both classy and sophisticated and the brown genuine leather band matches perfectly with almost any outfit. Since time is our most valuable asset, function is a major concern, but so is style. A watch is a fun accessory. You can have one for your professional settings and one for your personal enjoyment. When attending meetings, opt for a watch that offers a refined look.

Next, his necklace caught my eye as it was tucked inside his shirt. I asked him what he was hiding and to my surprise found this awesome miniature pocketknife. I didn’t know a pocketknife could be so admirable as a necklace. It was most definitely a unique piece. He bought it at a flea market on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

Hint: Take cues from this gent and try to add unique accessories to compliment your t-shirt. Be sure to style them accordingly to your outings and events and try substituting your jeans for a pair of linen shorts.


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