LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Plaid and Stripes Forever

From the Editor, Let's Hear it for the Boys

This below zero-degrees weather has me longing for summer more then ever. I can’t wait to go outside without a coat, remember what it feels like to be “hot” and wear sunglasses to protect my eyes from the sun rather then glares off of snow masses.

Even though the weather may be far from warm, that doesn’t mean we can’t begin to incorporate some springtime trends and colors into our wardrobe today. This Fashionisto rocked a great ensemble that is cold weather appropriate while still having subtle hints of spring. How does he accomplish this? Two words: stripes and plaids. Check out my latest eBay collection that celebrates these two fabulous patterns.

Nautical stripes are always a classic warm weather pattern. While first spotted on sailors in nineteenth century France, the nautical stripe has evolved into a major fashion statement. But there is no need to save this pattern for days spent at the beach. This Fashionisto rocked a great nautical stripe cardigan in the dead of winter. The navy edging of the sweater adds some heaviness to the piece and makes the sweater more appropriate for the season.

Plaid is also a favorite pattern for Fashionistos to rock come spring and summer. (Think barbecues, holidays and rounds of golf.) But why reserve this always popular print for the 100 days of the year it is actually nice out? By layering his plaid button-down under his cardigan, this Fashionisto infuses the blue color palette and brightness of the print into his ensemble without feeling out of season.

So as you start shopping for springtime clothing, don’t be afraid to start sporting your favorite pieces earlier in the season as well. Make a few warm weather adjustments, like this Fashionisto, and you will be “plaid” you did.

Hint: By sticking with a color palette you are comfortable with, such as blue, navy and white, you can easily mix and match the pieces throughout the year depending on the weather.

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