Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s evident that no matter what season it is, stripes always seem to be a standard pattern worn year round by many Fashionistos and Fashionistas. Making appearances in a slew of runway shows, magazines and fashion related websites, it’s safe to say that stripes will always be a go-to option for the stylish.

This Fashionisto, an art major, caught my eye with his approach to a casual and effortless outfit on a gloomy day. The layering of his shirt along with a varsity jacket, both of which contain stripes, demonstrates that this Fashionisto clearly has a great understanding of how to layer and combine patterns in a way that isn’t overwhelming for the everyday college student. For his art essentials, this student favored a crossbody messenger bag with special details. Besides the pop of color strap, lifting the flap unveils a special graphic that one would not expect.

As college students, we often ignore the fact that our school bag is a fantastic opportunity to incorporate into our outfit rather than just a carry-all for necessities. With plenty of styles to choose from, it surely isn’t a bad idea to stick to a bag that’ll be as stylish as it is functional.

Hint: With the spring semester rolling in, it still isn’t too late to update your worn out school bag for a fresh alternative. Whether a color blocked messenger bag or a one of a kind carryall, you’ll absolutely get much use inside and outside of the classroom with these options!


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