Let's Hear it for the Boys

There’s something very weird about South Texas and I’m not just referring to our awkwardness and great food, but more specifically, the weather. Any Rio Grande Valley resident would agree with me that if the climate here were a person, it would definitely be labeled as bipolar or the type that couldn’t make up their mind and settle. However, regardless of how the weather is, we all should see these sudden changes as an opportunity to make the best of it and make it a great fashionable day different from yesterday’s.

This week’s Fashionisto definitely took advantage of the heat that came in and busted out the pre-spring break beach party comfortable look. The take on the colors were what I liked most, his ensemble included a faded red V-neck accompanied by some light blue shorts and dark red slip-on footwear. The ensemble color scheme selection felt more pastel toned rather than the usual dark colors.

In addition, what really brought the ensemble more together were the shades worn. Usually most of us wear the classic black or brown framed shades with an interesting design. This week’s Fashionistos shades uniquely were some white wayfarer shades that certaintly got him noticed from a mile away. You can find some similar ones by Ray-Ban, they recently made these color mixed frames that come in various rad bright colors.

With spring break nearly here and all the activities that happen around this time of year, one thing you’ll most certainly want to consider are pastels as a tone selection for/from your wardrobe. If you normally think you’re not crazy about pastels, at least try it with one item, be it a shirt or some shorts. You never know what adventures might you experience!

Hint: Of all stores, I think Gap is one that has really picked up on pastels and faded vintage color schemes for this season. I really dig their formal stuff. So if you have a special event, look into these pieces.


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