Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s been weeks since the polar vortex and I feel as though we are still feeling the effects of it. Not only are the temperatures in the single digits, but some people are feeling the effects of colds that come with this winter weather. Between midterms and piercing cold winds, it’s important to stay warm and cold free. So why not do it with a fashionable peacoat?

This Fashionisto was feeling a bit under the weather, yet still found the motivation to get dressed up for class. Look good, feel good, right? Cold or not, he wore a black sweater with a contrasting gray neckline. For the bottoms, he wore khaki pants that complemented his cognac suede lace-up shoes. Lastly, he completed his outfit with a black peacoat. The great thing about a peacoat is that it looks fantastic on everybody. They add an instant touch of class to your outfit and I’ve even seen some people on campus rock them with a pair of sweatpants and Timberland boots. You also can’t go wrong with the color black; it’s a timeless fashion staple.

Hint: As I mentioned before, peacoats can look great on any Fashionisto. The only real struggle to wearing a peacoat is figuring out what kind of style you want. There are options in length, button details and fit. The length of the peacoat should rest at the hips, unless you are looking for more of a trench coat. The buttons can add a great deal to the shape of your peacoat and the appearance of your body by cinching at the waist; this can be perfect for a slimmer body type. Lastly, a peacoat can provide the larger, baggy shape that men like to wear. However, I think it looks more flattering as a form-fitting coat.


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