LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Patterned Pizzazz

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Remember when colored denim was huge, and everywhere you looked people were wearing jeans in all the colors of the rainbow? Seeing someone wear colored denim isn’t very impressive anymore. However, take it up a notch by adding patterns to it, and you sure have my attention!

This week’s Fashionisto really knows his fashion. Sporting bright patterned pants, a complementing shirt and brown accessories, he shows how to flawlessly pull off patterned denim.

Let’s start with the pants. Speckled with a blue anchor pattern, the pastel green color of the pants catches the attention of any passerby. With bottoms like these, picking a top can be tricky. This Fashionisto proves that it’s all too easy to do so by throwing on a blue graphic T-shirt with it. This works because the shade of blue on his shirt perfectly complements the shade of the anchors on his pants. On top of that, the design on his shirt isn’t anything too crazy or extravagant.

For his shoes, he chose a pair of black sneakers so his jeans to get all the attention. The outfit already looks incredibly trendy,yet casual, however, this Fashionisto doesn’t stop there. He adds brown accessories to complete his look with the addition of his shoelaces, beanie and watch. His accessories are what really tie in the look to create an eye-catching outfit.

As risky as it may be to wear a pair of colored, patterned jeans, worn with the right pieces, it could really spice up your look! Fashion is all about experimenting, and playing with different looks. Why not try it out? Good luck to all the fearless Fashionistos out there!

Hint: Since there’s already a lot going on on the bottom, try not to mix more than three colors into your outfit. If you do, make sure it’s a neutral color!


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