Let's Hear it for the Boys

Undergrad students can have a hard time figuring out who they are and what style represents them fully. It’s all about getting to class on time and making sure that you pass your finals. Then you graduate and you are supposed to act like an adult! It’s difficult to not to want to cling to your undergrad days.

This grad student Fashionisto was able to capture both sophistication, and the quirky days of his younger years. He looked like that English teacher everyone wanted in grade school; very Robin Williams in Dead Poet’s Society.

Starting off with an amazing blazer, the neutral plaid tones of this fabric began the patterns that come into play later on in the outfit. Blazers can sometimes seem stiff and fatherly, but when paired with fun textures and different colors, it puts a spin on your traditional work clothes. Getting down to the next layer, underneath this fetching blazer was a striped sweater. Finding a multi-colored sweater and wearing it unironically makes a well put together outfit. These particular red, green and yellow stripes worked well with the neutral blazer, making what could have been an optical illusion a success. Layering pieces of linear pattern works well when they are a little off like the plaid with a simple horizontal stripe. It’s like wearing one over arching color but in different shades. Same family, different relatives.

Gathering everyone in the family tree, next there was a striped dress shirt. Having the white and blue thin stripe still kept the continuity, but brought more pops of color. White as your base color allows for layering options galore. Only having the collar poking out brings a formal sense to the outfit, as well as breaking up some of the heavier colors.

Tying in the outfit was, you guessed it, a tie. The tie made this Fashionisto look sharp and very put together. The combination of all three components on the upper half was a great interpretation on the classic working outfit. Add the warm color palette and stripes and you have a unique ensemble that celebrates his individuality and maintains a professional air.

The bottom half was detailed with corduroys and tan boots. The corduroys brought more texture to to the outfit, adding warmth and comfort to what might have been regular slacks. The tan boots included neutral colors and almost matched the pants, giving a calm lower palette to the patterns on top.

Grad school doesn’t mean graduating from being a college kid and having fun, but it is a big step into adulthood. Playing with pattern can bring some life into your future work outfits.

Hint: If you aren’t ready to go with different patterns and colors, just go with patterns from one color!


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