Let's Hear it for the Boys

When I was a little girl, I used to love putting my own outfits together. I used to make it a point to wake up before my mom and pick out my own clothes in the morning. I would run to my closet, yank everything out (which evidently triggered an avalanche of clothes crashing onto my floor) and pull out every little piece that I loved—and wear them all at the same time. More often than not, this resulted in a horrendous clash of patterns. After looking back at my childhood photos, I learned to play it safe with pattern mixing. But this week’s Fashionisto helped me realize that you can think outside the box without looking like you tore it to shreds in an excited five-year-old’s dress up frenzy.

The successful pattern subtlety in this Fashionisto’s outfit is one for the books. While playing it safe may not be a guideline to greater fashion, it definitely made a statement in the look that was being achieved here. The unique floral print on the pocket of the crewneck shirt complements the lovely blue color in a way that wouldn’t cross your mind initially, while avoiding being overbearing or an eyesore. The tribal patterned Vans were a pleasant surprise as well. Who knew that putting these two unrelated patterns together in an outfit could pull together such a great look?

The one thing that I’ve figured out about the tricky task of pattern mixing is that it really can be done, and in more ways than one. The key is to mix patterns that share a common color. In this case, cool blue tones are the dominant players and they make for the most perfect of imperfect matches.

Hint: This Fashionisto thought outside of the box in terms of where patterns can work on an outfit. Need more inspiration? Check out this flannel jacket from Urban Outfitters!


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