Let's Hear it for the Boys

When I think about men’s fashion, I sometimes start to feel sorry for them because they are restricted in so many ways. They don’t have the same plethora of designs and pieces to choose from like girls do; therefore, making a fashion statement can be challenging. They can’t wear a dress one day, a skirt the next and then a jumpsuit for a fun night out like girls can. Yes, I am being a tad dramatic. Men’s fashion is unique in its own way too, but I think you get my point. Especially when it comes to dressing casually, a typical guy will look in his closet and try to find a decent pant/shirt combo and call it a day.

Now, there is nothing wrong with wearing pants and a button-down, but it’s nice to spice things up a bit by taking risks with colors and patterns. It’s a rare occurrence when you find a guy who is bold enough to mix patterns, which is why this Fashionisto stood out to me. At first glance, you barely notice that he is wearing two different patterns because he paired them together so effortlessly. He wears a blue shirt with olive green polka-dots to tie in his camouflage pants. That detail is subtle, but proves that he did not just throw something together last minute. He adds clean white sneakers with bold details and a little pop of color with his watch to complete his look. He created something special out of every day pieces with the simplest of efforts.

Hint: A great way to ease into mixing patterns is by starting with stripes and polka-dots just like how this Fashionisto did. If you think of stripes or polka-dots as the equivalent of a solid colored piece of clothing, then you have the freedom to pair it with a more wild print. Since the pattern of both stripes and polka dots is very consistent and clean, it pairs well with prints like floral or camouflage.


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