Let's Hear it for the Boys

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already spring! Spring is the season of budding flowers and trees. I don’t know what it is about this month, but the year starts to get a little more colorful and quite frankly, fuller of life. It’s almost like there is a new attitude about campus. Students who happen to be hours away from their hometown closets, were stressed to focus on versatility of cold-weather items that they didn’t imagine they would still have been using last week. The good news is: we pulled through! It’s time for a pastel pick-me-up. This Fashionisto is giving me the feel of a sky-blue day with a creamy dreamsicle on the side.

If you haven’t noticed, these shorts are the reason I’m really craving a dreamsicle right now. Remember to choose a pair of chino shorts that fit your daily life. This Fashionisto chose to keep a clean and preppy image with no cargo pockets for an easy-living mantra. The long sleeve T-shirt looks extremely comfy and lived-in. Try to look for a super-charged cotton material! These are normally super-soft, and honestly, don’t blame me if you want to wear it everyday.

The chest pocket adds a cute personal touch to this long sleeve. This Fashionisto chose to represent his fraternity letters on his. Not in an organization? Get it monogrammed. In my previous article, I mention how It’s the easiest way to add a personal touch and your personality to any wardrobe favorite.

I love interesting accessories! Not only does a sunglass strap add a hint of color to a different area of your outfit, but they are easily adjustable and lightweight for comfort. They are the perfect alternative to not having your sunglasses fall off on a crucial sunny day. This Fashionisto chose the brand Southern Tide. Find the perfect pastel for you with their assortment of color options.

Hint: The pastel rainbow contains shades of pink, yellow, green, blue, orange and purple. Choose your favorite hue today! There is something androgynous about pastels; however, every Fashionisto should have one in their closet (no shame, boys). They compliment any skin type, to the point that you might buy every shade in the rainbow. Soften your look with an assortment of sorbet shades. In the meantime, enjoy a dreamsicle, Fashionistos (hypothetically or literally!).




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