Let's Hear it for the Boys

As college students we have days we just want to take a day off of life: throw on all our favorite pieces, grab our sunglasses, a cup of coffee and sit in the park. Well let’s just say this was one of those days for more than one person. On a beautiful Monday morning I found myself surrounded by college students who had the same exact idea as me. As I walked around Washington Square Park I found myself staring at people and saying how much I loved their outfits or just a certain piece they had on. Until I came across one Fashionisto who had a look that just had everyone envy of him.

Usually I get nervous to go up to people and ask if I can have a picture – especially guys because you never know how they will react. This one was different I just felt as if he would love it and I was right! He actually thought his outfit wasn’t even that great – I think we can all agree he is wrong. As I began to take his picture I fell more in love with his outfit. To me it is exactly how I was feeling that day and he was basically explaining it all in one outfit. And I was lucky enough to capture it and you know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

This Fashionisto screams “ New York City student,” especially with his coffee – which was difficult to pry from his fingers. His outfit had all the right pieces and no mistakes were made in my eyes. The button-down popover collar that showed under his snap-placket pullover sweater. Followed by his H&M windbreaker that kept him warm when it got chilly. And of course he couldn’t forget the blue jeans and Sperry Top-Siders to complete his ensemble. The accessories make this outfit with his suprema sunglasses and his grandfathers Jaeger leCoultre watch that he made me get a picture of.

All together this Fashionisto was a dream from his outfit to his personality. As I have said before confidence and personality make the look more than pieces do. If you follow this Fashionisto’s lead you will be  sure to have heads turning when you walk anywhere just as he did.

Hint: You can make an outfit yours by owning it and not worrying about it.


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