Let's Hear it for the Boys

If there’s one thing that the Parisians love, it’s simplicity (besides baguettes, a bottle of red wine and a good cheese, of course). Their style is all about quality, not quantity, and they pride themselves on looking effortlessly put together. The wardrobe of a Parisian consists of a few well-made staple items that can be mixed and matched in several different ways. In my opinion, this is very different than the way Americans handle their wardrobes. America is notorious for being the nation of commercial consumerism, and our wardrobes tend to reflect this ideal by being much more extensive than they need to be. Instead of having seven different pairs of cheap jeans that don’t fit you quite right, invest in one or two pairs of high quality jeans that fit you perfectly. This is the mindset of the Parisians, and it is one that wouldn’t be a bad idea to live by.

This Fashionisto has that certain je ne sais quoi that makes him look like he should be strolling beside the Seine, walking a little French Bulldog named Hugo. His outfit is made of classic staple pieces that are well made and versatile. The striped hoodie he is wearing has a nautical vibe while still channeling his inner Parisian. The navy and white stripes make this a multipurpose piece that can be paired with many other outfits. Whether it’s with Nantucket Red shorts and sandals, or under a navy vest with khakis and boots, this piece never loses its timelessness. His jeans are a medium wash with a straight leg and slightly cuffed at the bottom. A medium wash jean is one of those great investment pieces mentioned earlier. It can be worn in an infinite number of ways and it will never go out of style. His Sperry Top-Siders finish off the outfit and add to the effortlessly chic look he’s got going on.

Hint: To emulate this Fashionisto’s style, look for simple pieces that would work with a bunch of different outfits. A rule of thumb I like to go by to decide if something is truly versatile is if I can create at least eight different outfits with it, then I consider it a versatile piece. A nice sweater or cardigan is always a sound investment, as is a good plain, white T-shirt. Stores like J.Crew and some big department stores like Nordstrom are great places to hunt for these items because their quality of clothes is usually higher.  Just remember: quality not quantity!


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