LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Opposites Attract

Let's Hear it for the Boys

When looking for an accessory that is bound to make an impact, the perfect bag comes to mind. This Fashionisto chose a canvas cross-body bag complemented with brass detail and leather trim. Different elements are used as complementing factors, showing you that opposites really do attract! Whoever said that Fashionistos have a stigma with their organizational skills, doesn’t know that this roomy tote has ample pocket space to keep you in order. I can’t help but admit that I am one of those people who loses their pen or pencil between every class; however, I can say that it has increased my social skills with every attempt at borrowing a new one! Between all the midday weather change-ups and unexpected occurrences on campus, a cross-body bag will never fail to dub you as the campus hero.

This Fashionisto is pushing the boundaries of modern menswear with his unique bracelet stack! Mixing a metal band with a wooden bead adds a rustic touch and festival vibe. After being accustomed to seeing similar textiles in stacks, I saw this Fashionisto’s collision of urban and bohemian style as a breathe of fresh air. The drastic difference of the two creates a trendsetting combination that you may not think to combine; however, it creates the perfect balance.

Hint: When you think it’s time to diversify your accessories, it can be difficult to find new items that come to mind. Remember: think of your original style and functionality for your personal daily routine.


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