Let's Hear it for the Boys

In the midst of shuffling through countless old notes, creating extensive study guides and pulling several all nighters, exam week, otherwise known as “hell week,” tends to cause us hardworking college students a great amount of stress. So when an opportunity to relieve some of that stress is brought upon us, wouldn’t we be silly to not take full advantage of it? It is imperative that one takes breaks when studying for long periods of time, in moderation that is. While for many that may mean letting their minds escape in a good book or releasing some steam at the gym, for others it’s the opportunity — whether for lunch or shopping — to get off of campus for just a few hours.

I spotted today’s Fashionisto en route to a local outdoor mall near campus. According to him, his red and dark blue striped button-down shirt and his brown textured pants, two fairly simple pieces, took no longer than a few minutes to purpose together. He let me know that just before I had seen him, he’d swapped a sweatshirt out for this button-down as he’d spent most of his day in the library. In the mood to focus his attention outside of his textbooks for a while, he threw on his favorite pair of shades and headed out the door with a few friends.

This semester, try not to let yourself drown in all the chaos and madness that is finals week. If you are able to, at least find a way to somewhat enjoy yourself that does not involve calculating what grade you will need on an exam to do well in a class. It is not necessarily about having the time to reward yourself with a break, but making the time do so.

Hint: Finish the semester strong and take a few tips from today’s Fashionisto. As he said, it only takes a few minutes to put together something presentable! While it is acceptable to dress lax and comfortably for finals week, it is not acceptable to do so outside of campus!


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