Let's Hear it for the Boys

Having an early morning class schedule I come in contact with many boys wearing their comfortable track pants and plain T-shirts that are easy to roll out of bed and throw on. It is only on occasion that I find a Fashionisto who takes comfort to the next fashionable level. A T-shirt with a graphic design can take any plain comfortable outfit and make it look like you have actually spent all night putting it together. I spotted this Fashionisto’s T-shirt because of the amazing bull skull design in front of an all-American background that made it pop under his jean jacket.

The design of this OBEY T-shirt was meant to catch any innocent bystander’s attention and to be the focal point of any outfit. Not only is it eye-catching, but this Fashionisto has told me that it is a very comfortable cotton fabric making it feel as though he is still in his pajamas. You can find a similarly eye-catching T-shirt here. To keep this T-shirt the focal piece, he pairs it with a simple pair of black jeans. Now that the weather is beginning to warm up ever so slightly, this Fashionisto did not have to cover up his outfit entirely with a heavy coat but could instead throw on a jean jacket. He also chucked on a pair of two-toned combat boots keeping with the rustic comfortable vibe of his style.

Adding simple accessories like his layer of bracelets and a gray beanie set this Fashionisto’s outfit apart from others. Just because you have an early morning class does not mean that your outfit can’t seem wide awake. Sometimes wearing a nice outfit could help you unzombify and wake you up mentally (trust me this is coming from experience with multiple morning classes). A tip for an easy morning is setting out your outfit choice the night before so that as soon as the rooster crows you can just slide it on effortlessly.

Hint: Not feeling jeans at the crack of dawn? Skinny sweatpants with a dropped crotch are a very trendy clothing item at the moment. Yes, you can still be fashionable in sweatpants!


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