Let's Hear it for the Boys

Originally making its appearance in the early 20th century, camouflage allowed soldiers to trade their bight red and blue coats for something a little more inconspicuous to wear during battle. Since then, it has exploded in the fashion world and is being worn by almost everyone. The pattern is universal and can be worn with virtually any style. It can be paired with combat boots and jeans for a more literal take, or it can be worn under a blazer with dress pants for a more formal affair. Whether it’s my camouflage J.Crew excursion vest or my monogrammed camouflage baseball hat, I love working this print into my everyday outfits to add a little bit of an edge.

I spotted this Fashionisto coming out of our student center and had to stop him. His jacket was practically calling my name. The lightweight camouflage jacket he was wearing feels very military, not only because of the print, but also because of the style. The cargo pockets, the epaulettes and the industrial zipper made this jacket look like something a soldier would actually wear. Fun fact: epaulettes (the shoulder straps on the jacket) were originally used in the armed forces to show different ranks the officers held.

Under the jacket, this Fashionisto was wearing a basic blue henley T-shirt. The color pairing was very interesting—usually when wearing camouflage, people pair it with earthy tones that match the color of the pattern. But, in this case, he decided to take a risk and make the earth tones pop by putting a cool-toned T-shirt underneath. The khakis he was wearing were just a little bit wrinkled (let’s say that was on purpose), which add to the rugged feel of this look. The black sneakers on his feet complete the casual look and just happen to match the color of his hair, which I thought looked so cool when viewing the outfit as a whole.

Hint: Camouflage can be worn in an infinite number of ways. If you want to rock a statement piece like this Fashionisto, try a camouflage jacket or a pair of camouflage pants. Something that I really like doing is pairing camouflage with bright and neon colors. I feel like it makes both of the elements stand out, making your outfit stand out as a whole. Wearing a camouflage shirt tucked into some pants with a neon belt is one way to achieve this look.


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