Let's Hear it for the Boys

Believe it or not, Austin, Texas, can actually reach a temperature below 50 degrees, especially in the month of January. During this time, an abundance of infinity scarves, combat boots and winter coats appear; however, this is only seen on the Fashionistas of UT. And yet, despite the fact that UT’s Fashionistos are not necessarily sporting infinity scarves, they have at least caught onto the trend of layering. Alas, they have done something correct on this campus!

Along the Drag, a popular street across campus where students can both grab a Winter Dream Latte at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and a Whiskey Sour at the infamous live music venue, Hole in the Wall, students pace at all times. In fact, it has deemed itself a prime location for spotting Fashionistos on their way to class. The Drag is a place where a Fashionisto with any major can be found.

This Fashionisto, clad in a creative arrangement of layers, illustrates that males do not have to conform to the classic North Face over sweatshirt and khaki layered look. In fact, this Fashionisto’s assortment of layers works as inspiration for the avant-garde Fashionista who also likes to experiment with creative layers. The cardigan draped around the Fashionisto’s waist works as an added layer, and appears like a long shirt at first glance. The mod, argyle pattern on his jacquard knit sweater adds dimension to his rather monochromatic look. The clear-framed glasses and black beanie are the perfect combination of accessories to this layered look.

Hint: Do not be afraid to try different forms of layering. Whether it includes colorful socks peeking under rolled trousers and a sweater coat combo, or a longer T-shirt under a printed sweater, the more layers, the merrier you will be. Layering isn’t strictly for the Fashionistas; Fashionistos should note the simplicity of a layered look. It only takes an extra shirt, sweater or accessory to create this type of look!


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