LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Neutrally Spring

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Most people dress for the weather, wearing things like coats or dresses that are fit for the temperatures outside. Others then take it one step further and dress as the weather, wearing gray gloomy colors during cold winters and bright yellow hues in the spring. I, however, am definitely not one to let go of my neutral colors even in the midst of the happy sunshine.

Neutral tones comprise over half of my closet, so I find the transition to warmer brighter weather a little difficult to keep up with. It is a challenge to integrate more vibrant colors with my existing favorites in a way that matches the mood of the temperature outside. This Fashionisto, however, masterfully demonstrates some of the ways that you can effectively do that.

Upon first glance, I noticed that this Fashionisto dresses in layers, which is absolutely necessary in the weird transitionary weather that the Midwest gets. But more importantly, his color combinations are what make this outfit stand out. On the bottom, he wears gray chinos and shoes. And on the top, an army green jacket dominates the outfit. These two paired with a black or other neutral colored sweater would yield an outfit that has an overall moodier feel. With the turquoise blue shirt he has underneath though, the outfit appears to be far more vibrant and lively than it would with the aforementioned black. He switches out only one element of his outfit—the color of his shirt—and achieves a far different effect than neutral colors would alone. He finishes off his outfit with a great red tote and a pair of glasses.

Hint: Contrast neutral earth tones with one more brightly colored garment like a T-shirt or vest.


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