Let's Hear it for the Boys

To outsiders, Alabama is known for its sweet tea and cotton fields. To those of us who actually live in the Heart of Dixie, we know that the one thing that really makes us unique is our bipolar weather. Only in Alabama will we see snow on the ground one day, and then, two days later, have 70 degree weather.

Neon and brighter colors are slowly creeping back into our wardrobe as the weather begins to warm and normalize. What better way to celebrate the coming of spring (or at least this little glimpse of spring weather) than to rock some bold colors?

The creator of Dope Couture said in an interview that he named the company for the “couture” and individual style he saw on the street everyday. An urban college campus may not have been the “streets” he was referring, but this Fashionisto is rocking the designer’s graffiti inspired apparel.

The dark sweatshirt, jeans and tennis shoes combo is not an uncommon uniform for class-goers. Adding small doses of neon can make an outfit a little more fun, but still appropriate for daytime. A flash of color on a sweatshirt or design on a shoe will complement a dark outfit without making it look like you are attending a rave. Extra points if you use the same colors for your shirt as your shoes.

If you’re new to neon, feel free to utilize a neon accessory, like this retro Chicago Cubs baseball cap. Colors like neon mint are a little less intimidating than a highlighter yellow or pink.

Hint: If you’re feeling a little fancy, swap the sneakers for neon boat shoes. You still get a flash of color, while keeping a preppy look.


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