Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s a biker boy! No, that has to be a little boy from the ’80s with those shoes on. People, people, don’t worry your little heads, it’s just our newest Fashionisto. He is super daring and simplistic all at the same time. He did not take the simple route applying those concepts throughout his appearance. He applied different aspects to his hair and even glasses. He is not afraid to stand out among the normal people of the world.

It all started with his button-up shirt. His shirt is the focal point. It is in the center of his outfit and it even has a geometric pattern on it. The square on the shirt contains different colors of greens that catch the eye. The neon green squares match his neon green shoes perfectly. His shoes let the world know he is here while his pants and vest do the opposite.

Black is a very basic color. It is simple and worn when people do not want to stand out. But when you pair a simple color and an outrageous one it just adds to the outfit. His black jeans match his leather vest in color. They are also made out of two different materials. That adds a twist to his outfit. His pants were denim and his vest was leather. That leather vest was a great accent to the look similar to his accessories.

Do not mind his coat or his Dickies book bag. That is simply a part of the life of a college student. He is also wearing an H&M leather pouch with gold accents. Then on top of that, he is wearing a silver and black skull Topman necklace. Those two pieces are very different but subtle. That makes people appreciate every aspect of his outfit and also the execution that took place when putting it all together.

Hint: It is okay if pieces of your outfit match. When your outfit matches it makes it seem as if you put effort into your outfit that day. Also put a focal point in your outfit. It can either be your shoes or your shirt, or maybe even both!


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