Let's Hear it for the Boys

I spotted this Fashionisto walking through the light snow on a Sunday morning. What attracted me to his style was his Ned Nickerson-esque taste which reminded me of Max Thieriot’s character from the 2007 film Nancy Drew. I couldn’t help but ask him his take on fashion and style.The way this Fashionisto layers his clothing is genius. I don’t feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed at all; it’s the perfect mix. It’s incredible to see how many boys on campus do not know how to layer properly. Well let’s take some notes on layering from this Fashionisto.

Starting from the bottom, obviously a solid pair of boots are needed for the constant trek to class. I like the cognac color of his shoes because they’re noticeable and will eventually get the perfect worn look. A durable pair of jeans are essential, despite the many boys I see in shorts in this cold weather. Denim is so easy for men because it can be worn all the time! (Unlike women who have to constantly switch it up.)

Moving up, his khaki cargo jacket is a staple! I think men forget that jackets can be worn anytime, but I am adamant on every man owning a khaki cargo jacket! My favorite part of this jacket is the green hood. Next, a cardigan on top of a plaid button-up is a great way to layer and switch it up! Lastly, I am obsessed with his backpack. I actually kind of wish I stole it.. Not a good idea? Such a stylish yet durable, spacious and efficient backpack!

For some reason, whenever I ask guys if they have a style icon they always act as if they have been caught off guard. This Fashionisto had a pretty good idea of who he was inspired by such as the playful Russell Westbrook from the Oklahoma City Thunder. He told me that he loved suits and was also inspired by Aurelien Collin from Sporting KC as well.

Hint: Boys, let’s invest in a good cargo jacket, yes?


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