LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Mustard Up Some Courage

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Just as I was about to snap this Fashionisto’s picture, he asked me if he should roll up his pants to show off his socks. Having no idea what they looked like and no objections to a man who takes sock initiative, I said sure, and this week’s post was forever changed. After all, who doesn’t love a man who coordinates his socks with his shirt even when he doesn’t intend for anyone to see them? The Fashionisto who takes pride in his undergarments is a rare one It also means that maybe his sock drawer is immaculate.

This Fashionisto dresses down his mustard shirt with a plain white T and navy chinos, rolled up to show off his coordinating mustard and navy socks. His choice of brown boots is perfect as well, avoiding the tricky choices of black with yellow or black with navy. I love how laid-back it is, and the shirt is just as easily done without for a more summery look that’s still classy and put-together. The hint of yellow in his socks makes for an interesting fashion choice rather than letting the socks be just an undergarment.

Hint: Treat an outfit with mustard as you would a hot dog with mustard and don’t go overboard. Start out subtly with a basic accessory like this belt to spice up your everyday look, or use a little more of the color with this ASOS polo, a departure from the usual men’s summer staple, the pastel polo. If this Fashionisto’s socks have inspired you, ASOS has your back with these in solid mustard yellow. Happy dressing!


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