Let's Hear it for the Boys

Last week’s arctic tundra-like weather here in South Carolina (okay, two inches of snow) left many college students’ outfit choices in disarray as they felt obligated to pile on every frumpy, warmth-providing article of clothing in their wardrobe to trek to class. As temperatures continued to drop, styling choices paralleled. This gentleman’s ensemble choices, however, stayed cool, calm and collected while combating the unusually chilly climate.

A printed pant is a bold, sharp choice that is the perfect statement piece for any daring Fashionisto. Employing your bottom half as a medium for wardrobe experimentation is a great, unforeseen alternative to the expected traditional trouser.  From floral to camo and everything in between, eye-catching legwear is the new “it” item. If you’re just dipping your toe (or leg) into the printed pants trend, this stylish fellow’s tartan trousers are your perfect entry. Rather than taking on the latest modern print, this Fashionisto opted for a more classic and enduring preppy plaid, which makes these pants a great investment. The dark hues of these wool blend trousers add the perfect touch of refinement to his cozy ensemble, and the durable fabric is sure to keep out the chill.

A return to mid-century sartorialism has resurrected a retro classic – the turtleneck. Turtlenecks are officially back, and they’re a great alternative to your college sweatshirt for plowing through bitterly cold weather. The featured gentleman opts for a slim and trim navy turtleneck as a layering piece under his bulkier cable knit jacket. This perfectly balanced combo coordinates effortlessly with his printed trousers and adds layers of warmth.

For footwear, classic brown wingtips were the obvious choice. This shoe adds timeless flair to this dapper fellow’s styling and pulls together the entire look.

Printed pants have become a sturdy menswear favorite among the bold and the brave. Don’t be afraid to sport a pair of daring trousers for a totally audacious, head turning new look.

Hint: For warmer weather replace the heavy cable knit with a light, neutral cardigan for an oh-so-cool streamlined look.


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