LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Monochrome Magic

Let's Hear it for the Boys

You probably learned the word monochrome in an introductory art class you took your freshman year of high school, the same class where you got an A on your still life drawing of a teapot and were convinced you were the next Vincent Van Gogh. Since then, you have rarely used anything that you learned from that class, until now. Monochrome is a piece of art, or outfit, that is made up of one color or different shades of one color, and it just happens to be a favorite trend of mine. I can usually be seen wearing all navy or, preferably, all pink. It’s is a fun way to wear a color that you love and own a lot of.

This Fashionisto is rocking a neutral monochromatic outfit with shades of brown and tan. As a base, he is wearing a navy T-shirt with a zipped turtleneck sweater in a chocolate brown color layered overtop. His jacket, a sophisticated overcoat, is a lighter cocoa brown with some gray thread worn throughout. The classic khakis pair very well with his dark chocolate Sperry Top-Siders, both staples in every Fashionsto’s closet. This outfit works because all the pieces are from the same color palette and are all different shades.

A monochromatic outfit can stem from virtually any color. For example, if you have some green cords that you love and a green oxford shirt that is your all-time favorite, why not throw them on together to create a great outfit? You can also add an accessory, like a tie or a belt that draws from all the different variations of color you have on to finish off the look.

Hint: The key to pulling off the monochrome outfit is sticking to not only one color scheme, but also one color tone. For instance, if you are wearing a pair of yellow chinos, don’t wear a neon yellow shirt just because it is also yellow. If your pants are a darker yellow, you should stick to different shades of mustards, maize and gold. Conversely, if your pants are a more of a pastel yellow, try to add pieces that are cream or apricot colored. Whatever color you choose, just remember to stay in the tonal family.


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